My passion for skin care and skin care products arose from experiencing chronic eczema at a young age up through my teenage years. This inspired me to research ways to take care of my skin and improve my overall well being. I feel as though this is my true calling in life and am very fortunate to be able to share my passion and expertise with all of you.

     Touch of Hope is locally-owned and operated right here in Ankeny, IA. Since our company opened its doors in 2006, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. Thank for your support and business throughout the years.

        Hope Halbrook          

                     Touch of Hope formerly Tranquility Aesthetic Spa                      
Established in 2006 - Present

Touch of Hope ® 421 NW Sturbridge St., Ankeny, IA 50023 (515) 965-1925